PS4's video sharing is 'awesome', but mobile has much more potential says Applifier

Video tool Everyplay enjoys stellar 2013

PS4's video sharing is 'awesome', but mobile has much more potential says Applifier

Last week saw Applifier reveal that Everyplay – it's video sharing tool for iOS – helps to generate up to 7.5 percent of downloads for games signed up to the service.

But it's not just Everyplay, which allows players to upload videos both of their gameplay and their reaction to it, that has grown throughout 2013. Video sharing and broadcasting is also a key component in PlayStation 4's arsenal.

Is Sony's move a sign that Everyplay is on the right track? And where can mobile video sharing go in 2014? We caught up with Applifier founder and CEO Jussi Laakkonen for his take.

Pocket Gamer: What do you make of the growth Everyplay has enjoyed over the last year?

Jussi Laakkonen: It's not just Everyplay - this is clearly the year "video sharing" broke through to mainstream gaming.

PS4 and Xbox Onr launched with video sharing. YouTube Live and Twitch are both growing rapidly. Everyplay is doing the same on mobile. The 'sharers' - as we call them - love sharing their gameplay experiences and that drives authentic virality for the games with Everyplay - up to 7.5 percent of daily installs.

We started the year with a brand new idea and are ending 2013 with a proven concept that over 230 games have adopted. Next year is going to be fun as we are rolling out cool features and new platforms.

Have you noticed any trends in terms of the types of videos people are uploading?

More and more games are adopting our FaceCam feature to enable players to turn replays into their personal stories. It's still early, but I expect those personal stories to become the most viewed and shared ones.

Bad Piggies was also huge this year and it really is due to combination of three key factors: creativity, skill and fun. The sandbox mode in Bad Piggies enables players to be very creative, the best creations take a lot of skill and the physics-based mayhem and Angry Birds soundscape is really fun. That is magic for sharing and watching.

Sony's focusing on video sharing with PS4 must be something of a boost for Everyplay's premise?

Absolutely. You can't spell video games without video. When PS4 was announced in February 2013, I wrote a a bit of provocative guest piece for Venturebeat.

I stand by the core premise: it's awesome that PS4 is doing this, but the real mass market video sharing explosion for games will be on mobile. Simply because that's where there is the biggest audience for games.

You must be pleased with the developers you've been able to attract to Everyplay so far...

It's been a delight working with awesome indies like Limbic, NimbleBit, Future Games of London, PikPok, Kukouri, Mountain Sheep, Fingersoft and with industry leading publishers like Rovio, DeNA, Chillingo.

They all make brilliant games and we are thrilled that we can part of the player experience. At the same time, I feel we've just started and we've so much ahead of us. We'll continue work hard to help the developers we work with and earn the trust of new developers in 2014.

Where do you think video sharing can go next?

Everywhere. I believe with the results we are starting to see on sharing leading to game discovery, every mobile game should consider using video sharing. Live streaming will be normal for mobile games, and Android will be very big next year.

Thanks to Jussi for his time.

With a fine eye for detail, Keith Andrew is fuelled by strong coffee, Kylie Minogue and the shapely curve of a san serif font.


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