UA expert Eric Seufert on his new challenge at marketing agency Heracles

Weighing up in-house UA vs. life at Heracles

UA expert Eric Seufert on his new challenge at marketing agency Heracles

Pocket Gamer Connects will be heading back to Helsinki on 5-6 September.

Tickets are still available.

So, to give you a hint at what you can expect, we're shining the spotlight onto our speakers to provide a deeper look at the personalities who will be taking the stage.

  • Eric Seufert, formerly of Rovio and Wooga, is a Partner at boutique mobile marketing agency firm Heracles. He will be discussing how to operate UA with a small team. What sets Heracles apart from the other mobile marketing agencies out there?

Eric Seufert: We work very closely with clients as embedded executives and help with a lot of strategic issues, eg. market assessment, cross promotion, ad monetisation, etc., and operational tasks, e.g. analytics infrastructure design and implementation, and not just traffic acquisition.

Because of that, our business model is different; we try to align our interests with our clients' so that we only get paid when they get paid.

How different is your perspective on the industry from a company like Heracles, as opposed to working in-house with developers like Rovio and Wooga?

Since we launched Heracles in May, I've worked with more than 10 developers on a range of engagements, so in this role I'm exposed to a lot more than I could be as an internal UA lead.

One of the most interesting challenges I've faced is helping small developers construct their internal UA platforms.

I've helped to build some true Frankenstein's monster-style UA systems.
Eric Seufert

I've helped to build some true Frankenstein's monster-style UA systems that run on Google docs, scripts and duct tape.

At a bigger developer with a legacy portfolio of products that are generating revenue, some analytics infrastructure exists and so UA analytics and tools are just incremental additions to that.

But for mobile-first developers or true startups, everything is coming together from scratch and needs to be put into place immediately. Organising all of this stuff to "just work" is pretty fun.

Another enjoyable aspect of the job is being able to work across disciplines within marketing. I get to do PR and press relations, platform relationship management, creative direction, etc.

At most large developers, these functions are very segmented, which I think functionally is counter-productive: it allows artificial fault lines to form between "creative" and "analytical" tasks.

Philosophically, I think all marketing is analytical, so orienting all marketing activities (even PR and platform relationships) around that worldview makes things run more smoothly than if different tribes within the marketing team form and butt heads.

What UA trends have you noted in 2016 so far, and what do you predict for 2017?

My predicted trends for 2016 were: growth of the simultaneous second screen, growth of managed services and the increasing importance of multi-device attribution.

The presentation from PG Connects is here.

As for 2017, you'll have to wait for my PG Connects talk -- assuming I get invited to speak!

Please briefly summarise what you plan to discuss in your Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki talk, and what you hope attendees can take from it.

My talk at PG Connects Helsinki is about what smaller teams can do to effectively manage a UA budget: how to think about user base growth and how to practically run UA campaigns without a large, dedicated team.

My talk is about what smaller teams can do to effectively manage a UA budget.
Eric Seufert

Half of the talk is dedicated to defining a framework for thinking about growth when cash flow is constrained, and the other half is dedicated to very practical tips for actually running UA campaigns.

This includes which networks to use, which tools to build in-house, how to keep track of spend, etc.

What are you looking forward to seeing at PG Connects Helsinki 2016?

PG Connects has grown consistently year over year and I now view it as one of the premier gaming conference series in Europe.

I especially enjoy PG Connects Helsinki because of the venue and the general atmosphere of Helsinki in September.

I'm really excited to catch up with the entire Finnish gaming development community at PGC Helsinki, but I think the highlight of the show for me is always PechaKucha, which closes out the first day.

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