FanDuel’s Aaron Champagne on creating a skill based gaming platform for mobile

FanDuel FaceOff features competitive play on games such as Boggle and Breakout Blitz

FanDuel’s Aaron Champagne on creating a skill based gaming platform for mobile

In a recent interview we spoke with Game Taco’s Nancy MacIntyre about the partnership with FanDuel to create Fanduel FaceOff. This skill-based gaming platform enables players to jump into the world of competitive gaming on mobile and earn real cash rewards.

The partnership between Game Taco and FanDuel has grown stronger over the past year with the FaceOff platform growing to offer more games to its players and giving out more rewards.

In this follow up interview we spoke with FanDuel’s Vice President and General Manager, Aaron Champagne to discuss the partnership with Game Taco and what it has enabled the platform to achieve in the gaming space as well as what types of games do well on the platform. Can you tell us a little about FanDuel and its goals?

Aaron Champagne: One of FanDuel’s goals is to change the way consumers engage with their favourite sports, teams, leagues and entertainment platforms. Our skill gaming platform, FanDuel Faceoff, is one of our latest examples of how we want to expand the reach to a wider audience of customers. Faceoff has become an important part of our portfolio and enables us to drive our product flywheel approach across our Sportsbook, Casino, DFS, and Racing platforms.

How does the partnership with Game Taco help FanDuel?

The Game Taco partnership has been instrumental in enabling FanDuel to expand into skill-gaming. By leveraging Game Taco's experience, FanDuel has been able to introduce an exciting new dimension to our product offerings, catering to a broader audience beyond our traditional sports-focused products. FanDuel aims to be the number one skill-gaming provider and a disruptor in reshaping the skill-gaming landscape.

This expansion into skill-gaming opens opportunities for users who may have interests beyond the sports world. Through the partnership with Game Taco, FanDuel is tapping into the growing popularity of skill-based games and offering an interactive and immersive experience to even more users.

What is the process of onboarding new games to the app?

Our aim is to ensure that there is always a game available for every type of player. When it comes to onboarding new games to our app, we identify popular genres that align with our users' preferences and actively seek out opportunities to fill gaps in our game category. Additionally, by leveraging well known titles from Sony, Hasbro, Atari, and partnering with FanDuel talent like Jordan Spieth, we have unique opportunities to collaborate on exciting new game offerings. This process enables us to continually refresh our game library and provide a diverse and engaging experience to our users.

Are there particular types of games that work best in this competitive scenario?

Puzzle games, word games, and strategy games are particularly well-suited to the competitive nature of the FanDuel Faceoff app. These types of games require critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and strategic decision-making, which resonate with our competitive user base. We have also found that given FanDuel’s close association with sports, that games like Grand Slam Superstar are a great entry point for our existing customers to try skill-based games. Additionally, we have found that incorporating familiar mechanics and game concepts enhances the experience of games on our platform.

Fanduel Faceoff has now also released on Android?

Yes! We have received overwhelming demand from Android users, and we are excited to bring the engaging world of FanDuel Faceoff to their fingertips. The Android launch marks a significant milestone for FanDuel as we expand our user base and continue to provide unparalleled gaming experiences across multiple platforms.

What can we expect to see over the next year for FanDuel Faceoff?

Looking ahead, we want to continue to leverage the opportunity in the U.S. Skill Gaming market which offers a great opportunity for our company. FanDuel Faceoff has an array of exciting developments in store for the upcoming year. There is a collection of fan-favourite games set to join the Faceoff line-up, offering an even more diverse and engaging gaming experience to our users. Additionally, we have exciting collaborations in the works with other FanDuel partners, which will certainly bring the fun to a whole new level. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on FanDuel Faceoff as we continue to push the limits on skill-gaming!

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