Game Taco renames itself to WorldWinner after acquisition of trademark

The original WorldWinner was acquired in 2021 by Game Taco

Game Taco renames itself to WorldWinner after acquisition of trademark

Mobile skill-based tournament platform Game Taco has announced that they will be changing their company’s name to WorldWinner, taking on the name of one of it's competitors which it acquired in 2021.

The new WorldWinner takes on the title of the gaming platform acquired by Game Taco in 2021.This means that the skill-based game publisher and developer will continue to offer titles based on popular IPs from brands such as Atari and Hasbro, as well as “skill game experiences” such as FanDuel FaceOff. According to WorldWinner they now boast more than 34 million users since they first launched.

CEO of WorldWinner Nancy MacIntyre commented, “As a pioneer brand for the genre, WorldWinner has been a key driver of that growth as the preferred platform for players looking to put their gaming skills to the test. It's that legacy and trusted reputation among consumers that led us to make it a part of Game Taco two years ago, and why we're making it our company name today. We're looking forward to not only continuing the legacy but growing it with the next era of WorldWinner.”

At the time of the acquisition there were already indications that WorldWinner was the way forward for Game Taco when founder Joshua Barrow commented, “Our acquisition of WorldWinner is a watershed moment for Game Taco.” Now it seems the change has gone ahead, leveraging the name of WorldWinner for further business.

What’s next?

The emphasis on skill-based games seems to indicate that there will be no major change to the company’s moves going forward. However, it is indicative of the value that many name brands have, certainly WorldWinner has proven evocative of the kind of success skill-based gamers are striving for.

WorldWinner (formerly Game Taco) has gone to great lengths to offer insight into their title’s functions and goals. We spoke with Game Taco CEO Nancy MacIntyre to find out more about the creation of their skill gaming platform FanDuel Faceoff.

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