Interview Podcast - NAK3D’s Kelly Vero on merging fashion and gaming to revolutionise commerce

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In an industry where data driven decision making pays dividends and a deep content pool is the difference between customer churn and a long-term connection, game studios need a tool capable of gathering granular user data and satiating consumers' content cravings.

NAK3D - a startup recently awarded for its innovation by the World Economic Forum - delivers both sides. Kelly Vero, CEO and CTO of NAK3D joins Peggy Anne Salz live at our recent Pocket Gamer Connects London event to explain how this interoperable fashion marketplace leverages AI-developed data to provide developers a constant stream of new in-game content, while empowering fashion and retail brands to establish a digital presence.

The future of game commerce lies in digital assets and putting the power back into the hands of the player.

Few people are as daring, future-focused, and driven as Kelly, which is why major designer brands such as Alexander McQueen and Lulu Guinness trust NAK3D to bridge the gap between digital and physical retail. Don’t miss out on this mega-meta episode - the first in a series of special live podcasts connecting you with the sharpest minds and savviest innovators in gaming.

What's inside:

00:00 - Intro
01:54 - Davos, the metaverse, and trends in Asia
07:06 - The evolution of Nak3d
12:29 - The future of Gcommerce and information sourcing
19:30 - Digital death and the metaverse
26:28 - Look outside the games industry
29:03 - What is Kelly looking forward to most?

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