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GameDuell switches focus from casual to cross-platform card and board games

Shuts down internal studio

GameDuell switches focus from casual to cross-platform card and board games

In a surprise move, Berlin-based developer GameDuell has pivoted its business.

Previously focused on casual web and mobile games, it's now switched to community card and board games.

The shift follows the success of its Grand Gin Rummy mobile card game and website. (Belote is a French card game).

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This change will be reflected in the games available on, as the company rolls out more cross-platform community card-based games across web, Facebook and mobile.

As part of the process, GameDuell is closing down its internal development teams that had been making casual arcade games.

It says it's supporting all those losing their jobs - around 50 people - in terms of future career opportunities.

"The market of hit-driven arcade games has become extremely competitive. We feel that we can achieve more for our community of players by focusing on the areas, where we are one of the market leaders," commented CEO Kai Bolik.

"As part of our strategy, we will now focus on our core strengths in developing and operating community games and utilizing our cross-platform technology.

"In this field we have a healthy business with a proven track record of 13 years."

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