Game Insight launches #CraftedInBaltics, with two games localised for Lithuania

Flower House and Cloud Raider get local

Game Insight launches #CraftedInBaltics, with two games localised for Lithuania

During the opening keynote of the Live Mobile Congress 2014, which was held in Vilnius, Lithuania, Game Insight's CEO Anatoly Ropotov announced a new initiative to celebrate the work from Lithuania and other countries in the Baltic region.

Titled #CraftedInBaltics, the idea is to encourage the games industry in the Baltics to be "proud of their country, proud of their region" by celebrating where their app was created on social media and in marketing communications by using the #CraftedInBaltics hashtag.

Speaking local

Another aspect of the initiative is to consider creating specific content for the home market and encouraging localisation of games.

So, given that Game Insight has just relocated its corporate headquarters from Moscow in Russia to Vilnius, Ropotov also

announced that Game Insight had released Lithuania-localised versions of two of their titles: Flower House and Cloud Raiders on Google Play - "one is for him, one is for her", he noted.

Ropotov did, however, concede that there will be challenges ahead for the initiative, such as most users in the region not having access to a credit card, but he was hopeful that alternative payments methods would expand to fill the gap.

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