Wargaming hooks up with casual dev Melesta to experiment with business models

Belarusian love-in

Date Type Companies involved Size
May 21st, 2015 partnership Melesta Studio
Not disclosed
Wargaming hooks up with casual dev Melesta to experiment with business models

Wargaming is one of the most successful developers when it comes to operating the free-to-play model in PC gaming, but apparently it wants some help when it comes to mobile.

That's despite releasing World of Tanks Blitz on iOS and Android around 10 months ago.

So the developer has announced a partnership with fellow Belarusian mobile/PC casual game developer Melesta Games.

It's best known for its Toy Defense TD series, which mainly makes its money via $5 paid releases that also include in-app purchases, although these tend to be limited to the $5-$20 range.

It's also behind the Farm Frenzy games, which are published by Alawar, and has a mobile MOBA and a game called Toy Battleships in development.

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No real details have been provided, other than Wargaming saying the deal will help it strengthen its position on the mobile market, which is one of its key strategic objectives.

Notably, it cites the ability to "experiment with new business models" as an important factor in this.

"Partnering with Melesta Games was a natural choice for us," said Andrey Yarantsau, VP of Wargaming.

"They have an excellent portfolio of mobile titles, a wealth of experienced people, and their close proximity to our Minsk studio will help streamline our work. We all feel very positive about our future cooperation."

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