Palringo uses the power of rare fish to raise $310,785 for charities

Annual drive

Palringo uses the power of rare fish to raise $310,785 for charities

Fast-expanding mobile community gaming platform Palringo has closed its annual charity drive, raising $310,785 for two charities - Action Against Hunger and Islamic Relief Worldwide.

The system worked through its Fishing Bot group chat game, where players could catch limited edition fish, with a special achievement granted for catching all four.

IAP Power

Donations occurred as they bought special boosters to speed their progress, with average spending of $50 per user.

That said, one individual spent $14,000.

Including the charity drive, overall spending within the game rose 33 percent during the period.

"Gaming has always been a dominant theme within Palringo communities so this year we decided to add a charity twist to our fishing game as we knew that engagement levels within the game were already high and that it would provide users with an easy and fun way to compete while raising money for charity," said Palringo CEO Tim Rea.

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