Palringo claims it can drive installs through its network at $0.44 CPI

Cheap trick

Palringo claims it can drive installs through its network at $0.44 CPI

Rising CPI costs continue to bedevil developers who want to get their mobile games out to a wider audience.

In that context, any new channel - YouTube, Instagram etc - that looks like it can open up a new audience is good news, at least for companies who start using it before everyone else realises.

UK mobile social platform Palringo reckons it's the next big thing when it comes to UA.

Engaged audience

It's been running some trials using its new casual game Balloony Land, which resulted in the game gaining top 10 download status in 9 countries on iOS and 7 on Android.

The headline CPI cost was $0.72 compared to an industry average of around $1.70.

However, this cost was reduced to $.044 when just taking into account spending within the Palringo community.

It accomplishes this by incentivising engagement within the Palringo app, which drives organic downloads. Of course, integrating the social aspects of Palringo sustains this activity.

Balloony Land uses Palringo to provide similar social glue as Facebook is to Candy Crush Saga

"We decided some time ago to move away from being a messaging business and focus instead on offering a unique messaging-based service where the core messaging and community element would be used to strengthen the gaming experience," commented CEO Tim Rea.

"By developing and publishing our own games we've been able to build a better understanding of how messaging, communities and games can converge to offer a sustainable business proposition."

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