ARM launches Mali Graphics Week 2016 on 18 April

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ARM launches Mali Graphics Week 2016 on 18 April

Following on from its debut in 2015, ARM is kicking off its second Mali Graphics Week.

Running from 18-22 April on the Mali Developers website, each day takes a different theme (and hashtag), as ARM explains below.

  • #Vulkan

Starting on Monday we'll be bringing you the Vulkan presentations from our GDC sponsored sessions and lecture theatre talks as well as a host of brand new blogs and articles on how to get the best from Khronos's new API.

  • #UnityTips

Tuesday sees us sharing demos built on Unity as well as event presentations from our in-house experts and partners. We'll be showcasing a demo we've recently ported to VR and how we did it, along with the latest in our series of optimized rendering techniques based on local cubemaps. We will also have the latest update of the ARM Guide for Unity Developers!

  • #VR

Wednesday is dedicated to the tech everyone is talking about with a whole host of awesome VR content including a brand new release of ARM's SDK. There is also a range of supporting blogs and whitepapers including one on VRX from the ARM Geomerics team as well as the latest in ARM powered VR devices.

  • #ARMTools

Thursday is Tools day and features presentations, blogs and videos on all the ARM Mali tools you need to develop better-than-ever games. There will be an Enlighten blog on the latest demo showing global illumination for large world games and our in-house experts will be blogging about the tools they presented at GDC and how to get the best out of them.

  • #ARMMaliNext

Finally, on Friday, we'll be talking about what's next for ARM Mali including upcoming events, talks and developer tools and guides to keep you in the loop with all of our upcoming advancements.

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