Epic reveals new UE4-powered mobile game Battle Breakers

Tactical role-playing title to support cross-play with PC

Epic reveals new UE4-powered mobile game Battle Breakers

Epic Games has revealed a brand new mobile and PC IP called Battle Breakers.

Unveiled during the Google Keynote at GDC 2017, the Unreal Engine 4-powered title is being developed by Infinity Blade studio Chair Entertainment.

The tactical role-playing game is free-to-play and will include cross-play between mobile devices and PC.

They came from outer space

The game sees players defending their kingdom from an invasion by monsters from space. Users must assemble a team of warriors, which includes ninjas, mages, robots and dinosaurs, and fight back against the aliens.

Speaking on stage, Chair Worldwide Creative Director Donald Mustard said the game would be released worldwide “very soon”.

Pre-registrations for the game have now begun on Google Play. Those who register early will receive an exclusive character when the game launches.

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