More rewarded ad conversions lead to higher user engagement, retention and spend

Tapjoy’s latest report finds that the more rewarded ads a player completes in their first two weeks the better the results

More rewarded ad conversions lead to higher user engagement, retention and spend

The more rewarded ads a mobile gamer completes in their first two weeks the higher their engagement, retention and spend are likely to be after 30 days, according to Tapjoy.

The mobile ads outfit has released a new study on the value of rewarded ads entitled Maximum Impact Report: Exploring the Effect of Rewarded Ads on User Value.

The report found that users who complete 20 or more rewarded ads demonstrated 89 per cent higher engagement, 76 per cent higher retention and 705 per cent higher in-app spend than users who completed five or fewer ads.

Tapping along

The study also found that users who complete six-to-10 ads in their first two weeks are likely to spend three times as much on in-app purchases ($1.23) than those who complete up to five ads ($0.43).

“While other studies have previously demonstrated a positive link between rewarded ad conversions and key engagement metrics, such as total user sessions, retention and spend, today’s report is the first of its kind to show just how much ad engagement can influence the value of a user,” said Tapjoy GM Ben Chen.

“These findings negate the notion that ads take away from the user experience or distract the user from engaging with the app, or that rewarded ads may cannibalise in-app purchases. Rather, it shows just how important it is to expose users to ads early and they offer frequent opportunities to convert.”

You can read the full report from Tapjoy on its website.

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Arthit Hwangsop
Dominic Plamondon Business Director at Teebik Inc.
Players who completed up to 5 incentive the first 2 weeks probably are the player who left the game earlier than the one who completed 6 +, which clearly make normal that they spent less than others and have lower retention rate.

The important is how the incentive ads are showed to the players.
It must be part of the gameplay and doesn't force them to do it.