Pokemon Go bagged nearly $800 million from in-app purchases in 2018

Sales up 35 per cent on 2017

Pokemon Go bagged nearly $800 million from in-app purchases in 2018

Niantic’s location-based augmented reality hit Pokemon Go racked up an estimated $795 million from in-app purchases in 2018.

That’s according to mobile data firm Sensor Tower, which claims the figure represents a 35 per cent increase on 2017 sales.

December 2018 alone saw the game pull in $75 million, up 32 per cent from $57.2 million during the same month the year prior.

On average Pokemon Go is thought to have made around $2.2 million a day.

Critical hit

The game proved most popular with US players in 2018, a userbase that represented 33 per cent ($262m) of all gross revenue. Japanese players meanwhile made up 30 per cent of sales ($239 million).

Overall that puts Pokemon Go’s lifetime IAP revenue at an estimated $2.2 billion.

It should be noted that use of IAPs isn't the only way Niantic makes money from the game. In the past the company has brought in revenue from sponsored locations in the game, while it also runs its own ticketed real-world events.

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