Jurassic World Alive grosses $40 million in nine months

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Jurassic World Alive grosses $40 million in nine months

Ludia's location-based augmented reality game Jurassic World has grossed more than $40 million globally since launching in May 2018, according to Sensor Tower.

The title currently considered the second-best challenger on the market to Niantic’s juggernaut Pokemon Go, which reportedly made $785 million from in-app purchases alone in 2018.

Compared to other AR games, Jurassic World Alive has grossed 2.5 times more than Next Games’ The Walking Dead: Our World ($17.2 million since July 2018) and 115 times more than Four Thirty Three’s Ghostbusters World ($375,000 since October 2018).

$4 million in January combined

These three games made combined sales of approximately $4 million in January 2019. By comparison Pokemon Go was estimated to have earned $68.1 million last month.

Interestingly the amount that Niantic’s monster catching title made for the same month was $8 million more than Jurassic World, The Walking Dead and Ghostbusters have all made since launching.

Ludia recently partnered with Universal Studios to release a mobile game surrounding the film franchise How To Train Your Dragon.

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