Tapjoy: Mobile games have gone mainstream in the US

63 per cent of mobile gamers were found to be women

Tapjoy: Mobile games have gone mainstream in the US

Mobile games have crossed the threshold into ‘mainstream’ media in the US, according to new research conducted by Tapjoy.

The Modern Mobile Gamer Personas report published by the mobile advertising and app monetisation firm showed that 60 per cent of people who play mobile games now consider themselves “gamers” as opposed to September 2016 where that figure was at 33 per cent.

87 per cent of people have been playing mobile games for more than two years, while 69 per cent of people said they would rather give up social networking or television than mobile games.

Advertisements also see more engagement, as 41 per cent of users pay more attention to mobile ads when compared to traditional ads found in other forms of media, such as the internet (17 per cent), magazines (15 per cent) and billboards (15 per cent).

Gender split

Other stats from the study included:

  • 63 per cent of mobile gamers are women, 28 per cent are men and nine per cent prefer not to say which gender they most identify with
  • 54 per cent of mobile gamers are parents
  • 74 per cent of mobile gamers open a gaming app at least three times per day; 43 per cent open a mobile gaming app between five-ten times or more a day
  • A majority of mobile gamers (54 per cent) play for at least one hour every day
  • Puzzle, strategy and role-playing games are the most popular categories.

The research was conducted between February and March 2019 with 18,442 respondents in the US over the ages of 18 participating.

Every demographic, every region

“Mobile games might just be the most ubiquitous form of entertainment in the world today,” said Tapjoy vice president of marketing Emily McInerney.

“People from every demographic and every region are playing games on their smartphones and tablets, and they’re playing them a lot.

“The good news for brands is that mobile games make consumers very focused, relaxed and engaged, putting them in a frame of mind that makes them more receptive to advertising messages than any other medium.”

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