FREE player retention webinar TOMORROW!

Learn about the good, the bad and the great of player engagement with deltaDNA

FREE player retention webinar TOMORROW!

At 11am BST tomorrow, Thursday, August 29th, deltaDNA will be hosting a free webinar titled:

“Player Engagement: the Good, the Bad & the Great”

In terms of numbers, it's easy to tell the difference between good and bad games. However, the classic KPIs that publishers rely on to evaluate game performance don't really distinguish what's good from what's great.

Leaning on the deltaDNA database of thousands of games, we will show how a focus on long-term engagement can provide a huge boost to the lifetime value of players and hence the difference between a marginal ‘good’ game and a smash hit ‘great’ game.

This webinar will show how to combine the right KPIs with best practice game design to ensure your game reaches its potential.

The webinar

This event is targeted at developers looking to understand how to drive long term engagement and the impact it can have on the overall profitability of their games.

Chief product officer and head of insight Dr. Isaac Roseboom will highlight the most important trends in ad strategies and explain how to benefit from them.

Some areas set to be covered in this free webinar include:

  • Long-term retention market statistics across different genres
  • Why standard retention KPIs miss the whole picture
  • How to build a game for long-term engagement

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