Gamescom 2019: Adult games platform Nutaku closes in on 40 million registered users

Platform picks up 130 million visitors per month

Gamescom 2019: Adult games platform Nutaku closes in on 40 million registered users

Adult games platform Nutaku is closing in on 40 million registered players.

Speaking at the first-ever Nutaku Developer Conference taking place in Cologne during Gamescom week, Nutaku and MindGeek VP of games and mobile applications Mark Antoon said that during Gamescom 2018 that figure stood at around 25 million.

You can see the platform’s growth over five years in the chart below.

The Nutaku platform currently receives around 130 million visitors per month - up from 70 million a year ago. Through the last four-plus years the platform has generated 1.86 billion all-time visitors.

Antoon said that the platform growth had been supported by word of mouth, search engines, marketing campaigns, influencer marketing, and an affiliate programme.

More games, more sales

Back in 2015 when it first launched, Nutaku had just three games. Today it has over 375 titles.

Antoon noted that there had been a huge shift to mobile on its platform, which also operates on PC browser. Currently 49 per cent of users play on mobile, while as of last month mobile revenue surpassed PC browser sales.

Antoon also said that in a month the platform now generates more revenue than it did in 2015.

As of last month Nutaku now generates more revenue from mobile than PC browser

Earlier this year, Nutaku launched an Android store, and now the average revenue per daily active user has been higher on Android higher than on PC browser.

Nutaku has announced a number of changes to its overhauled platform, including a switch to dark mode, new search functions, the ability to favourite games and sidebar navigation.

It also revealed that through its Nutaku Publishing initiative the company has invested $10 million into studios around the world to make adult games.

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