Epic Games, DICE, Niantic Labs, and RocketRide Games to speak at next month’s Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #1

Incredible new speakers join the roster for the mobile B2B games industry conference's first venture into the digital space

Epic Games, DICE, Niantic Labs, and RocketRide Games to speak at next month’s Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #1

Pocket Gamer Connects goes online-only for the first time in it’s history on April 6th-10th with Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #1.

Throughout the week, you’ll be able to select from a programme of great live video content full of insight and practical advice.

You’ll hear from 100 expert speakers across seven themed conference tracks covering topics such as monetisation, growth and global trends, to esports, game design, PC, console, XR and blockchain.

And if you can’t join in live, then don’t worry - each stream will be available for you to catch on demand later.

Today, we’re thrilled to reveal the latest speakers confirmed to take part in the first Pocket Gamer Connects Digital in just over two weeks.

L-R: Alan Noon, Martine Spaans, Juan Gril, Eevi Korhonen

As one of the most successful development companies in the games industry, Epic Games is a welcome sight at any of our conferences. They join us for our first online-only event with Senior Engine Evangelist Alan Noon featuring on a panel which provides some simple approaches that can make your game more awesome.

Juan Gril, Principal at Gametapas leads a session on hyeprcasual game design, while Tamalaki Owner Martine Spaans shares her 10 top tips for F2P design. Both Housemarque’s Narrative Designer Eevi Korhonen and Glow Up Games’ CXO Latoya Peterson will host their own respective sessions on the topic of narrative design at separate times.

Niantic Labs is a staple figure in the AR games space. Game Designer Laura Warner and Senior Software Engineer Kirsten Koa co-host a session where they will go through the basics and know-hows of AR game design.

Head of Design for DICE, Fawzi Mesmar, will be talking through effective prototyping, while Doppio Games’ CEO Jeferson Valadares discusses voice games.

Resistance Games’ Creative Director Jussi Autio will be walking through the wonderful history of games, while also featuring on a panel alongside Mobile Game Doctor Owner Dave Rohrl where they will show you how to manage your team when going from concept, to development, to launch, to live.

L-R: Emily Greer, Latoya Peterson, Laura Warner, Kirsten Koa

With current world events, every industry is taking a massive hit - including games. The Inspiracy’s Owner Noah Falstein looks at the ways games might actually help with both this crisis and future pandemics. President of Ravenous Wolf Doug Ferguson shows his guide for coping when your company is hit with a disaster that is beyond your control.

Tizau’s CEO Joseph Kim and Scopely’s Director of Product Management Giovanni Ducati lead a session on Supercell’s Battle Pass: A Tale of Two Cities.

Vectr Ventures’ VP, Product & Development Tony Zander and FRAG Games’ Business Director Zaair Hussain feature on a panel focusing on creativity and business, and where we can find common ground.

RocketRide Games’ Business Development Manager Michelle Brandstetter brings her expert knowledge to a panel discussing why you should publish on a console.

Mad Otter Games’ President Damon Slye shares the company’s experiences with Villagers & Heroes being hacked, plus dealing with climate catastrophes such as ‘snowmageddon’.

L-R: Fawzi Mesmar, Jeferson Valadares, Jussi Autio, Dave Rohrl

Michael Liebe, CEO of Booster Space and Outreach Games Europe for Kickstarter highlights the relevance of friends and personal networks for successful funding of game projects and why positive emotions matter, noting that funding not only on Kickstarter, but also through public funding or publishers and investors is equally as important.

It’s important to consider what investors want to see when you’re pitching your game to them. We have two panels catering to audiences in different timezones, where our speakers will be sharing those important factors. Strategic Alternatives’ Partner William Rhys Dekle, 500 Startups Partner Marvin Liao, Double Loop Games CEO Emily Greer, and Game Pill’s VP and VRGEN’s VP Operations & Finance Mary Sorrenti feature on one panel which is more friendly to US viewers, whereas Makers Fund’s Partner Michael Cheung is situated on the other panel which caters to those in Asian and European timezones.

Of course, these aren’t the only speakers who will be taking part in the first Pocket Gamer Connects Digital next month. We’ll share more speakers in the coming weeks, but we do have representatives from great companies such as AWS, Fyber, Ironsource and SuperSonic joining the lineup.

L-R: Noah Falstein, Joseph Kim, Tony Zander, Zaair Hussain

Network 24 hours a day!

One of the many benefits of an online-only event is that there are no limits to networking! As one of the 750+ delegates, you will have access to the all-new online meeting system with built-in audio/video conferencing for all five days, 24 hours a day! So you can organise meetings with other attendees to meet, discuss, set up deals and make plans at a time that suits you both.

Additionally, we’ll be running online variants of our renowned fringe events that bring together specific groups with specific needs.

To register your interest and to take part in any of these events, please follow the relevant links below.

Please note: there may be an additional fee for publishers to guarantee inclusion in fringe events.

L-R: Michelle Brandstetter, Michael Liebe, Mary Sorrenti, Michael Cheung

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