Vainglory’s surprise shutdown averted by Super Evil Megacorp

Rogue Games was pulling the plug

Vainglory’s surprise shutdown averted by Super Evil Megacorp

In a surprise move, new Vainglory publisher Rogue Games has pulled the plug on the cross-platform MOBA.

However, original developer Super Evil Megacorp has returned to ensure the game servers remain live, although all in-game IAPs have been switched off.

Super Evil CEO Kristian Segerstrale addressed the confusing situation in a Reddit post, explaining that Rogue had made a “the difficult decision” to cease support for Vainglory and had planned to shut down the servers on 27 March.

But before this happened, Super Evil regained control of the servers, although it's not clear what the long term plan for Vainglory will be.

Time for Plan B

Back in November 2019, Super Evil raised $10.5 million for new game code-named Project Spellfire, handing over Vainglory to US startup Rogue.

"This clearly did not work out," Segerstrale commented.

"What happens next? Well, we're still trying to figure this out.

"This turn of events was unexpected and it has been a challenging few days. We will be back with more information early next week."

Vainglory's Chinese version, which is operated by NetEase, remains live and unaffected.

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