Epic Games is holding a #FreeFortnite tournament with some interesting prizes

Follows Fortnite's removal from the App Store

Epic Games is holding a #FreeFortnite tournament with some interesting prizes

Epic Games has upped the ante in its war with Apple as it hosts a #FreeFortnite campaign with prizes that show a clear disdain for Apple.

As announced in a blog update, the tournament will be held on August 23rd. Just in time to allow iOS players to get in on the action one last time before the game moves on to Chapter 2 - Season 4, an update that will be unavailable on mobile devices due to the battle royale's removal from the App Store.

A host of prizes are available, including the new Tart Tycoon outfit, which clearly takes a dig at the tech giant, as it is a character with an angry-looking apple for a head in a grey business suit.


The top 20,000 players worldwide will be sent an exclusive baseball cap featuring the Fortnite llama in original Apple colours with the words 'Free Fortnite' written underneath it.

However, what is most impressive are the hardware rewards that will be handed out to the "top 1,200 apple-eaters." Prizes include a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, OnePlus 8, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, and Alienware gaming laptops. Given that the #FreeFortnite event is not sponsored, it means that Epic Games is spending money from its own pocket to reward its players.

The feud between Apple and Epic began last week, when the latter created a new payment option for Fortnite players on mobile, effectively cutting out both Apple and Google – who has also booted the game off its storefront.

As a result, the Fortnite creator has chosen to sue Apple, asking that it be prevented from removing Fortnite and its development tools of iOS and Mac devices.

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