Apple to host "special" event on September 15th

"I wouldn't count on the iPhone 12 being part of any unveiling"

Apple to host "special" event on September 15th

Apple has scheduled an event for September 15th where it will display upcoming products.

As reported by Reuters, the reveal of its new handset – iPhone 12 – could still be a way off given the company confirmed it needed to delay the device by a few weeks back in July. However, besides mobile phones, Apple is known for unveiling other products such as watches and iPads during September.

Not many details have been given yet, but the tech giant will stream the event via its website. Apple has been forced to make its event digital for the first time due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.


"I wouldn't count on the iPhone 12 being part of any unveiling. With so much hype around the expected 5G capability, timing will be everything and this delay could prove a big issue for Apple," said analyst Haris Anwar.

"If they're unable to launch in October, then it could seriously hurt sales in the crucial holiday season, where many will be looking to replace their phones with newer models."

Recently, Apple confirmed that it would delay changes made to its privacy policy until next year, giving developers a chance to prepare themselves.

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