PGC Helsinki Digital: Nearly 17 million Animal Crossing 'Tweets' were sent in 12 days

"Twitter loves gaming and gaming loves Twitter"

PGC Helsinki Digital: Nearly 17 million Animal Crossing 'Tweets' were sent in 12 days

An estimated 16.7 million 'Tweets' were posted to Twitter surrounding Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing: New Horizons from May 1st to 12th, 2020.

The huge rise of Nintendo's island simulator escape was confirmed by Twitter client partners Rami Brusilovsky and Stephen King, during their talk at PGC Helsinki Digital on 'Gaming Trends on Twitter' alongside various other statistics about the platform.

The social platform has over 800 million users, with 60 per cent of that number describing themselves as "gamers". Global gaming conversation is on an upwards trajectory too and saw a 45 per cent boost in June 2020, mainly down to Covid-19.

It was also found that over 53 per cent of Twitter "gamers" play more than six hours per week. Of this group, 54 per cent play alone, 35 per cent play both alone and with others, while 11 per cent play solely with others.

Furthermore, the majority buy more than two games per year with 17 per cent of players purchasing six or more games a year. 42 per cent then pick up two to five games yearly and the remaining 59 per cent buy two or more titles per year.

"Like-minded individuals"

"Twitter is the best platform for spreading news and interacting with gaming brands," said King

"Secondly, it's a place to connect and share deep views with like-minded individuals, great fandom, meet people, meet colleagues, share opinions, and challenge opinions. That's the superpower of our platform and it brings the global gaming conversation together."

Specifically when it comes to mobile, data suggested that "gamers" on Twitter were twice as likely to spend more on mobile than non-users.

Additionally, 76 per cent of this group were also more likely to buy time savers as DLC than non-users, 56 per cent were more likely to buy playable characters as DLC, and 50 per cent were more likely to buy loot boxes.

Lastly, Twitter data pointed to the platform reaching 12 times more "gamers" than Twitch and Reddit on mobile, as well as reaching 70 per cent of all US gamers that play for more than 20 hours per week.

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