Stillfront acquires indie dev Everguild Limited

In a deal worth $1.37 million

Date Type Companies involved Size
October 29th, 2020 acquisition Stillfront Group $1.4m
Stillfront acquires indie dev Everguild Limited

Swedish games firm Stillfront Group has acquired indie developer Everguild Limited.

To purchase 100 per cent of the company, there is an upfront consideration of around £1.06 million ($1.37 million). However, £540,000 ($701,640) can be paid in new Stillfront shares while the remaining amount will be paid in cash.

Based in Madrid, Everguild currently has six employees and has a focus on collectable card games. So far, the studio has released two games, across multiple platforms, The Horus Hersey: Legions and Drakenlords.

"Joining Stillfront represents an amazing opportunity for Everguild to continue scaling up, bringing our love for deep CCGs to a larger audience," said Everguild co-founders Andres Tallos and Isabel Tallos.

"Stillfront's focus on long lifecycle games fits perfectly with our commitment to nurture and grow the passionate communities of players that enjoy our games. We are thrilled to become part of such an impressive family of successful studios, and look forward to the exciting opportunities ahead."

New venture

Having acquired Everguild, Stillfront will enter the collectible card games genre, therefore tapping into a new player base.

"With the acquisition of Everguild, Stillfront enters the fast-growing CCG genre, further broadening our gaming audience and adding additional titles to our portfolio of role-playing games," said Stillfront CEO Jörgen Larsson

"Everguild is a small and agile studio active within an exciting and popular niche. Everguild's successful game The Horus Heresy: Legions has substantial growth potential going forward, and the studio has a promising pipeline of new games."

Last month, Stillfront purchased mobile game developer Nanobit. The deal is worth up to $148 million, 78 per cent of shares have been acquired, while the remaining 22 per cent will be snapped up in 2023.

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