ESA launches E3 2021 dedicated app for "first-ever virtual experience"

Exhibitor Booths, Lounges, Forums, Leaderboards and more

ESA launches E3 2021 dedicated app for "first-ever virtual experience"

The ESA has launched a dedicated E3 2021 app that will work alongside the four-day digital event.

As confirmed by the event's organiser itself, the app and online portal will be used as a "hub" during the show, offering booths, hosted events, video conferencing, avatar creation, online forums and more.

The online portal will be open to the public from June 12th, 2021, offering access to:

  • Exhibitor Booths – featuring special events, VOD content and articles, exhibitor booths will act as hubs within the portal for key announcements and game information tied to each exhibitor
  • Lounges - online gathering spots for all E3 attendees
  • Forums – special boards for focused online discussion and sharing among attendees
  • Leaderboards – gamified show elements that can be collected and displayed, encouraging fans to interact in as many ways as possible
  • Profile Creation – all attendees can create their own unique profiles within the portal and app, which can be customised

Interactive experience

"From the moment we decided to host E3 virtually, we’ve been focused on providing an interactive experience for fans around the globe that goes beyond the typical livestream," said ESA CEO and president Stanley Pierre-Louis

"The result is a bespoke online portal and app that will allow fans, media and industry professionals to have an E3 experience designed to run parallel to the four-day broadcast, laying the foundation for interactive E3 elements to continue beyond this year’s all-virtual show."

Little details surrounding what E3 2021 as a digital event will look like have been revealed at this stage, though we do know that it will take place from June 12th to June 15th and will be hosted by Greg Miller, Jacki Jing and Alex "Goldenboy" Mendez.

Last year, the ESA cancelled E3 2020 as a direct result of the ongoing coronavirus.

More recently, the company launched a $1 million initiative with Black Girls Code to help offer support to young girls and women interested in technology through education and mentoring.

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