Final 36 hours to nominate for the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2021

You have until midnight Friday May 21st

Final 36 hours to nominate for the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2021

Don't leave it to the last second. 

Not least because even though we say 'midnight', the submission phase of the fourth Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards actually closes at 23:59:59 this Friday, May 21st - so you don't really have a literal last second to play with.

Nominate to celebrate

As ever, the awards aim to showcase the teams from every corner of our industry that are responsible for the biggest, best contributions of the past year. 

And we encourage you to bring these to our attention via the PG Mobile Games Awards nominations page if, at any time during the whole of 2020, you:

  • Released one of the finest mobile games experiences
  • Worked with an ultra-talented team of individuals that deliver day in, day out
  • Gone consistently over-and-above to satisfy your demanding-but-devoted players
  • Delivered critical industry-leading services
  • Implemented marketing campaigns that leave rivals playing catch up
  • Introduced genuine innovation into the sector
  • Or played a role within the industry that you feel elevated you/your team/your game/your service above your peers

Remember that you can nominate for yourself or for another studio's efforts you think should be considered.

THE industry awards

From their inception, the PG Mobile Games Awards have tried hard to reflect the excellent work from all key facets of the industry by including a comprehensive range of categories, and this year is no different:

  1. Pocket Gamer People's Choice (there's still time to ask your players to nominate for this)
  2. Best Advertising & UA
  3. Best Analytics / Data Tool
  4. Best Developer
  5. Best GAAS Tools & Tech
  6. Best Audio/Visual Accomplishment
  7. Best Game Engine
  8. Best Storytelling
  9. Rising Star
  10. Best Tools Provider
  11. Best Games Industry Law Firm [new for 2021]
  12. Best Service Provider
  13. Best Live Ops
  14. Best QA and Localisation Service Provider
  15. Best Indie Developer
  16. Best PR / Marketing Team
  17. Best Influencer Marketing Agency [new for 2021]
  18. Investor of the Year [new for 2021]
  19. Best Publisher
  20. Best Innovation
  21. Game of the Year
  22. Mobile Legend

All you have to do is nominate before it's too late.

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