Pollen VC launches its dCPM calculator for better ad revenue transparency

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Pollen VC launches its dCPM calculator for better ad revenue transparency

Mobile app and game fintech outfit Pollen VC has launched its dCPM calculator.

Standing for discounted CPM, this is a tool that makes it easier for developers to understand the impact of the payment terms of ad networks on cashflow.

The payment terms of mobile ad networks generally range from Net 15 and Net 60 days. In other words, meaning developers receive payment between 15 and 60 days from the end of the month when the impression was served.

This is important because developers want to reinvest their revenue as soon as possible. In this context, a $10 CPM that pays out in 90 days is much less valuable than a $10 CPM that pays out in 15 days.

Weighing up the cashflow

“The dCPM calculator will allow publishers to compare ad networks on a level playing field and look beyond just the headline CPM, applying some financial discipline to look more rigorously at the true CPMs generated at a financial level," commented Pollen VC's CEO Martin Macmillan.

"The most important factor to consider is the opportunity cost to the publishers. It may only be a few cents difference in headline CPM but could make a huge difference to the publisher who is kept waiting before reinvesting back into more user acquisition or traffic to their website."

Pollen VC provides flexible credit facilities to app and game developers using a data-driven lending model recently announced it was allowing developers to borrow up to four times their game's monthly revenue to accelerate their ROI.

You can check out the dCPM calculator here

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