Netflix Games is offering salaries of up to $1 million in California

The company is hoping to attract experienced candidates as it continues its push into gaming

Netflix Games is offering salaries of up to $1 million in California

A new salary transparency law in California has given deeper insight into Netflix’s continuing expansion into the games space, reports

The company is currently hiring for 23 open roles at the Californian based Netflix Games Studio, as well as Netflix subsidiaries Night School, Next Games, and Boss Fight. To comply with state laws, the company has been required to publish wage ranges, and are offering a yearly salary of between $240 thousand and $1 million for the right candidate for the role of marketing director for external games.

To qualify, applicants must have at least ten years in publishing, ideally in “F2P live service mobile” games, indicating the direction the company is going with its future releases, as well as highlighting once again Netflix’s commitment to the mobile games space.

The company is also investing heavily in other roles, offering up to $500 thousand per year for the game director, art director, and technical director roles, including those working on a new action RPG. Salaries of up to $600 thousand are also being advertised at subsidiaries Night School Studios and Boss Fight Entertainment.

Aiming for the top of the subscription market

Netflix first entered the games space as an independent entity in 2019, offering access to the company’s catalogue of games to all Netflix subscribers. The company has been expanding with key acquisitions and studio openings in a variety of markets with a strong focus on mobile gaming, although the company is reportedly working on an AAA title.

Although AAA gaming can incur significantly higher development costs, perhaps justifying larger salaries, it appears that Netflix understands the revenue potential of the mobile gaming market, and is willing to pay significant amounts to ensure that they get the best candidates possible.

Unlike many other game subscription services, Netflix has the significant advantage of having a library of first-party and third-party IPs to draw from, including global hits such as Stranger Things, Squid Game, and All of Us Are Dead. As such, the company can attract a significant audience creating titles based on already popular works without paying additional licensing fees. Despite this, we wrote last year that the company struggles to engage players,

We listed Netflix as one of the top 50 mobile game makers of 2022.


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