Krafton launches pre-registrations for Clash-like Defense Derby

The title will be developed by RisingWings

Krafton launches pre-registrations for Clash-like Defense Derby

Krafton have launched pre-registrations for Defense Derby, a new Clash of Clans-like title being developed by their studio RisingWings.

Krafton - who are behind titles such as PUBG and PUBG: Mobile - will launch pre-registrations for the game on the iOS app store, Google Play and, notably, Samsung’s Galaxy store. The title is aimed to be a fresh take on the tower defence genre, allowing players to face off against each other to see who ends up as the last man standing.

According to Krafton, playtime during early access tests for the title hit 81,568 hours. With 4,604 daily active users. Relatively low, as is expected for an early access test, but they note this was an increase of 190% for active playtime from an earlier test, and an increase of 32% for daily active users.

The launch of pre-registrations for Defense Derby follows Krafton earlier in May being able to restore BGMI - their bespoke version of PUBG: Mobile for the Indian market - to storefronts. Defense Derby will be a simultaneous worldwide release in over 190 countries.

Casting the net wider?

With the launch of Defense Derby Krafton are casting their net wider, compared to a locally available game such as BGMI. Defense Derby will be available in nine languages at launch, including English, with Krafton clearly looking to appeal to the widest possible audience. Which could also be why it's launching on at least one alternative app store.

It seems that it’s back to business as usual for Krafton, after previous financials were dominated by questions about BGMI and its return to storefronts. As while BGMI is back on storefronts - and seemingly more popular than ever - there is also concern around new laws being proposed by the Indian government that may lead to more restrictive legislation around games in the country.

For now, Krafton will be looking to put this controversy behind them.

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