Pixion Games raises $5.5 million for Web3 RPG Fableborne

Investments come from Blizzard, Shima Capital and more

Pixion Games raises $5.5 million for Web3 RPG Fableborne

London-based gaming studio Pixion Games has announced the successful closing of a $5.5 million funding round, intending to use this to bolster development of its flagship mobile-first game Fableborne.

Pixion League LiveOps are progressing within Fableborne, with the studio building an accessible means by which players can accumulate on-chain assets.

The funding round was backed by investors such as Blizzard, Shima Capital, Eldridge, Merit Circle, ReadyPlayerDAO, VGC, Zee Prime, Mechanism Capital, GSR, and Misfits Gaming.

A fable is born

First established back in 2017, Pixion announced Fableborne as its first title in 2022 after 18 months of development time, following years of prototyping other projects with a careful approach to integrating Web3 elements. The ambition is to have these serve as an extra without negatively impacting the core gameplay.

As an isometric action RPG and base builder featuring "play-to-own" aspects with its NFTs, Fableborne aims to revolutionise Web3 gaming; Pixion has committed to "data-informed development" with its iterative process ultimately leading to Fableborne as it is today.

Players can trade in-game assets, create user generated content and more, with those interested currently able to participate in the development journey; users can gain exclusive access to the game and join the Discord to give Pixion feedback and engage in discussions. Ultimately, Pixion is committing to create a game "that’s fundamentally fun and scales", not just to jump aboard recent market trends.

"Following a series of successful releases, we're excited about the positive feedback and praise Fableborne has received," said Pixion Games founder and CEO Kam Punia. "Our team is deeply focused on making a high-quality game and we're proud to say that our LiveOps model is nearly ready for its MVP introduction."

The Pixion team has a history of successful multiplayer experiences, with the studio having been formed by veterans from Konami, Garena, Square Enix, Sony and more.

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