Find out how Finland is leading the games industry ahead of PG Connects Helsinki this September!

Finland is a powerhouse in the games industry, and its companies are setting the standard for innovation in 2023.

Find out how Finland is leading the games industry ahead of PG Connects Helsinki this September!

The Finnish games industry has long been a hub of innovation and creativity, and in recent years it has experienced significant growth, diversification, and internationalisation. Get to know some of the key factors driving this growth, including the increasing popularity of PC and console platforms, the collaborative and supportive culture of the Finnish industry, and the focus on sustainability and social responsibility. By understanding these trends, we can better appreciate the unique nature of the Finnish games industry and its importance in the global games market and see why it's the ideal location for a PG Connects conference!

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Read on for five ways Helsinki is leading the games industry. Most of the statistics below are directly sourced from this report on the Games Industry of Finland 2022 by Neogames.

1. Growth and more growth!
The spiritual homing of mobile gaming has grown to embrace PC and console platforms, this is reflected with 16% increase in active developer studios and 200% increase in developer studio investments post-pandemic.
The growth of the Finnish games industry is evident in the increasing number of active developer studios and the influx of investments in recent years. With the rise of PC and console platforms, more studios are looking to Finland as a hub for game development. The supportive ecosystem in Finland, which includes access to talent, funding, and expertise, is making it a highly attractive destination for developers.
Finnish developers have had a significant impact on the indie game scene, with many gaining a cult following, Indie games have benefited from digital distribution platforms, which have made it easier for them to reach a global audience.

2. They embrace diversity
The Finnish games industry is a fast-growing sector, well known for its collaborative community feel, supporting a growing number of small and medium-sized companies entering the market and an estimated 500 - 1300 new studio positions to open over the next 2 years.
Within Finland, there are a number of initiatives and organisations that are focused on supporting and promoting diversity in the games industry.
This includes organisations like Neogames, which is a non-profit association that works to support and promote the Finnish games industry, and Women in Games Finland, which works to promote gender equality and diversity in the games industry.
One of the key areas of focus has been on promoting gender equality and increasing the number of women working in the games industry. Currently, women make up approximately 25% of the workforce in the Finnish games industry, which is higher than the global average of around 20%.
While Finland is relatively homogeneous in terms of ethnic composition, there is a growing number of people from other countries working in the games industry, particularly from nearby countries like Sweden and Estonia, in addition, the industry is also making efforts to address the underrepresentation of indigenous peoples, such as the Sami people.

3. Finland takes an international focus
The Finnish games industry has a strong track record of exporting its products and services. Even though the industry is relatively small, the quality of its products and services is recognized around the world.
The pandemic has had a significant impact on the internationalisation of the industry, as it has led to more remote work and collaboration. The culture of knowledge sharing has had a positive impact as the talent base expanded across borders, this has resulted in a more global talent pool, with people from all over the world working on Finnish games. The industry is also making efforts to increase its presence in key markets, such as the United States and Asia.
The Finnish games industry has some key advantages, like a strong tradition of creativity and innovation, that can help it compete.
The Finnish government is supportive of the industry, with continued investments and funding to help it continue to grow and compete globally, and Finnish companies are often highly committed to corporate social responsibility and ethical practices.

4. Innovation is thriving
With Finnish companies developing new technologies and business models, including a dedicated a long-term commitment to VR/AR/XR/metaverse businesses expected to grow to become an opportunity of €8 to €13 trillion by 2030.
Finnish companies are at the forefront of developing new platforms and technologies including developing high-end VR and AR headsets, game engines and other products that integrate the technology with the metaverse. The integration of these new innovative technologies like VR, AR, and the metaverse create more immersive and interactive experiences for players. These technologies are being used to create games that feel more like worlds to explore rather than simply games to play.
They are also being used to create more realistic and dynamic worlds, with realistic physics and environments. And in some cases, these technologies are even being used to create social spaces and communities within the games themselves.

5. Focus on Sustainability
Reducing environmental impacts and promoting social responsibility are topics that are becoming increasingly important for the industry as a whole, and Finland is no exception. Finnish developers are working to reduce their environmental impact and promote social responsibility by using more energy-efficient hardware and software, and by investing in renewable energy sources. In addition, game makers are increasingly incorporating environmental themes and issues into the games themselves. Some games, for example, encourage players to think about environmental issues and make choices that have a positive impact on the environment.
Sustainability is an important focus for the Finnish games industry, with developers incorporating environmental themes into their games and using more energy-efficient technologies to reduce their environmental impact.

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