PUBG Mobile to introduce $100 million creator fund for “Wonder Creators Network”

PUBG Studios have already invested $200,000 over the past two years

PUBG Mobile to introduce $100 million creator fund for “Wonder Creators Network”

PUBG Mobile is set to up its investment in their creator support project by $100 million over the next three years.

According to PUBG Mobile, they have already invested $200,000 in their creator reward program. With this initiative, $100m will be invested into competitions, opportunities and incentives for the game. The game already boasted the Ptopia Design Project (PDP) and recently introduced their World of Wonder creative mode, meaning that this investment comes at a critical time to encourage creators to engage with these tools.

This year, PUBG Mobile plans to offer a total prize pool of $750,000 with competitions for both World of Wonder and Ptopia Design Project creators. According to them, a further incentive plan in 2024 could have investment equal to tens of millions of dollars. There are also plans for the launch of at least one themed contest each update cycle with a prize pool of $50,000 and in-game rewards to boot.

Creator support

The fact that creator support is receiving such a large investment for PUBG Mobile is indicative of the value that it has to the long-term popularity of the game. Epic Games also recently revealed creator tools for their flagship title Fortnite. And it seems that PUBG Mobile is hoping to challenge them on their own ground when it comes to UGC.

The decision to tie it to contests may frustrate some hoping for more material creator support, such as revenue-sharing or a marketplace. However it’s clear that, at the very least, these creators are valued - and that means that future changes to the way that PUBG Mobile treats them are quite likely.

PUBG developer Krafton have also made their own investments into alternate app stores, seeking to expand the reach of their games. It means that developers working on titles such as PUBG Mobile are recognising the potential that making further investments can have.

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