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Introducing CrazyLabs' New Ad Report & How It Can Improve Your Game’s Performance

The latest report from CrazyLabs gives developers actionable data on improving ARPU using rewarded video and interstitial ads

Introducing CrazyLabs' New Ad Report & How It Can Improve Your Game’s Performance

After months of development, CrazyLabs is thrilled to release its exclusive ad performance report - a comprehensive report featuring detailed performance analysis of different rewarded videos and interstitial ads per level.

This report is a game changer for developers as it provides actionable data on how to improve your game's average revenue per user (ARPU). By exposing you to more data, you have the ability to continuously enhance your game's performance.

CrazyLabs stands out as the only publisher in the industry that offers this unique report, exclusively accessible to CLIK Dashboard members. This commitment to transparency sets a new standard in the mobile gaming industry.

Below, we share examples of how this report can improve ARPU’s performance.

As shown in the Lunch Box example above, in version two of level four, we introduced a new rewarded video (the brown column). This rewarded video (RV) was not present in the previous version, and it resulted in 25 percent of users watching it. Thanks to the ad report, we can understand that the placement of the RV was highly effective, leading to a significant improvement of over 30 percent in the ARPU of level four.

Moreover, adding ads can have a negative impact on level completion, which is a crucial indicator of a game's overall performance. However, as demonstrated below, this was not the case in this situation.

When analysing the completion rates of level four and comparing version one (represented by the grey line) and version two (represented by the pink line), we can see that the new RV did not harm the completion rate.

As seen in the Dig Deep example above, in level one (version one versus version two), we see that there was a lower completion rate compared to the other levels.

When analysing the distribution of different ads within Dig Deep in level one and other levels, we removed the interstitial location (level one in version two) (see circled in light orange in the chart above). This led to an improvement of 2.6 percent in completion rate and 34 percent in overall ad consumption in this level.

In many instances, removing an ad location leads to a decrease in ARPU. However, in this particular scenario, the opposite occurred. The removal of the ad location not only improved ARPU but also positively impacted the game's KPIs, since the completion rates in both versions one and two improved.

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The new Ad Report is now accessible through CrazyLabs' CLIK Dashboard, an exceptionally comprehensive platform that offers developers complete transparency. By utilizing the CLIK Dashboard, developers gain access to real-time updates on marketability tests, revenue breakdowns, creative performance, and numerous other valuable insights. Click here to apply and become a CLIK Dashboard member.

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