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House of Cards appearance boosts Monument Valley back up the paid charts

Dedicated Netflix users crucial to recent success

House of Cards appearance boosts Monument Valley back up the paid charts

An appearance in Netflix original series House of Cards has seen Monument Valley bounce back up the app store charts, AppFigures has noted.

The scene, which technically doesn't appear until the fifth episode, shows the newly-elected president enjoying ustwo's indie smash Monument Valley in a moment of downtime.

However, the House of Cards faithful didn't take long to reach this scene as hardcore viewers - numbering in the hundreds of thousands - have been buying and watching the entire series in one chunk.

House of Cards has taken Monument Valley from #150 to #2 on iPhone

Playing a good hand

Around five hours after the third season was made available - the approximate length of time it would take to watch five of the hour-long episodes - the game took a sharp upturn in sales, particularly on iOS.

The performance boost is equally impressive on iPad

This is particularly interesting as UA for paid games has always been viewed as a tricky proposition. 

Of course, this is more along the lines of product placement not direct advertising.

Nevertheless, given the self-selected audience of well-off and engaged Netflix subscribers, the sale boost for this posterchild of the paid mobile game scene suggests there are imaginative ways to market paid games. 

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