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Meet MoGi Group, your new gaming services partner

MoGi Group is taking meetings at Gamescom from August 20th to 24th

Meet MoGi Group, your new gaming services partner

With today’s gaming market steadily becoming more fast-paced and competitive than it’s ever been, it’s never been more important for developers and publishers of all sizes to be at the absolute top of their game.

Over the last two decades, there has been a massive shift in what is expected of great games and great games studios, and with higher expectations come greater obligations and responsibilities. That’s where MoGi Group comes in.

Over 650 games industry stalwarts and fledgling design studios alike have seen their games reach new heights and larger gaming audiences worldwide with the help of MoGi Group’s extensive service roster.

For over a decade MoGi Group has been a leading innovative light in the gaming sector, creating and sculpting its bespoke range of award-winning video games services around real-world challenges developers and publishers face daily.

It prides itself on not only its sterling industry expertise but on creating measurable results and lasting impact for its ever-growing gallery of games industry partners – including Bandai Namco, Fatshark, Kakao Games, Tripwire Interactive, Webzen and Armor Games, to name just a few.

Its passionate teams strive to enhance the user experience of every gaming project they work on, whether it’s increasing player satisfaction and in-game spend, translating into over 44 global languages, or ensuring a safe and secure digital environment for players and developers alike.

MoGi Group’s customisable service suite is entirely user-determined and aimed to blend with its partners’ current workflow systems and practices, leaving them the breathing space to focus on creating top games while being secure in the knowledge that their frontline or back-end tasks are being handled by seasoned professionals and most of all – gaming experts.

Games creators can find solutions for every phase of the development and post-release process with MoGi Group, including: localisation, player support, community management, penetration testing and cybersecurity, localisation quality assurance testing, console compliance testing, game focus testing, voice-over recording, art and design production, tool development, age rating, and GDPR consultancy.

Multi-phase game art design

As in everything it does, MoGi Group takes a holistic approach to game art and art design, catering its efforts to the full games design and release cycle.

Its creative teams are literate in the functioning aesthetic of a plethora of gaming genres and are experts in adapting their works to meet partner in-house standards and styles.

With a wide range of specialities – spanning from 3D animation and modelling to map design, motion graphics, and UI design – MoGi Group’s art teams are equipped to assist developers and publishers from early phase character design and concept creation right through to post-release marketing and publicity asset creation.

Building and securing your game’s digital landscape

In the past 18 months, MoGi Group has broken new ground in its technical and developmental scope and capacity. Internally, it has endeavoured to constantly stay ahead of the industry curve by designing a cutting-edge range of industry-first tools that revolutionise the way custom video games services are practiced and reported on.

As experts in a wide range of sectors, they have been able to leverage vast multidisciplinary knowledge bases and best practices to optimise efficiency and standards throughout all departments.

Externally, the service provider’s cybersecurity and tool development departments have been making great strides in automating and streamlining arduous day-to-day tasks for its partners as well as creating safer digital playscapes for gamers the world over.

Meet MoGi Group At Gamescom 2019

It has been confirmed that MoGi Group will once again attend the world’s biggest gaming industry gathering. Now in its 11th year, Gamescom is expected to see over 400,000 industry enthusiasts flock to Cologne from August 20th to 24th for a packed itinerary of previews, first-looks, and announcements from the world’s biggest gaming industry figures.

Onsite throughout the event will be MoGi Group’s team of gaming service experts to schedule one-to-one consultations and field questions on the company’s active roster of over 12 quality gaming services.

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