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How Hut 8 is powering the blockchain gaming revolution

Gaming is on the cusp of exciting change - Hut 8's Josh Rayner explores the growing impact of Web 3.0 technologies on the games of tomorrow.

How Hut 8 is powering the blockchain gaming revolution

Hut 8's Vice President of Sales, Josh Rayner explores the growing impact of Web 3.0, the potential of blockchain technologies and their impact on the games of tomorrow.

We have long understood and believed in the power of the gaming industry – one of the most innovative in the world – and are now beginning to appreciate how blockchain technology and Web 3.0 can further transform gaming into its next era of growth.

In January 2022 alone, $1 billion was invested in blockchain games, on top of $4 billion already raised in 2021, according to the data tracker DappRadar. In addition to enabling secure transactions and protecting sensitive player information, Blockchain is enabling a completely new experience for players, allowing them to earn or purchase in-game assets like tokens and NFTs that they own outside of the gaming ecosystem.

In January 2022 alone, $1 billion was invested in blockchain games, on top of $4 billion already raised in 2021
Josh Rayner

Hut 8 as a leader in this space

Developing and operating a decentralised blockchain-based game requires advanced, high-performance infrastructure and computing capabilities. This is where Hut 8 comes in.

Hut 8 has 400 enterprise customers from the gaming, technology, finance, and other industries in our 36,000 square feet of geo-diverse space. The market is underserved with very few infrastructure vendors in the space, none of whom are digital asset natives that understand the unique nuances of high-performance computing requirements for gaming platforms.

  • Our dynamic infrastructure scales to support customer workloads for visual effects, metaverse, machine learning, and AI
  • 3D Game Rendering can be stored by leveraging computing technology
  • In Q4 2022, customers will be able to access our solutions directly through an on-demand Cloud Console

Hut 8 has access to multi-tenant and private clouds that are built for blockchain, gaming, metaverse, and Web 3.0 applications. Gaming partners can build and deploy distributed applications without having to manage their own infrastructure. These products can include public and private cloud, storage, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and managed backup.

With geographic diversity from Vancouver to the Greater Toronto Area to the cloud, your game will have 100 per cent uptime, guaranteed.

Exploring blockchain gaming but unsure how to manage nodes? We support decentralized projects that require scalable computing and storage to accommodate ever-growing blockchains. Simply put, Hut 8 takes care of node maintenance and management so you can focus on your project.

In addition to providing the infrastructure, Hut 8 is innovating in blockchain gaming

We have taken our commitment to the gaming ecosystem a step further by partnering with Enthusiast Gaming to innovate on blockchain gaming and high-performance computing infrastructure applications. Together we are collaborating on new experiences and content within mobile and blockchain gaming, Web 3.0, NFTs, and cryptocurrency.

In April, we whitelisted tokens on EV.IO ahead of our first NFT mint, which was incredibly well-received by our players and the broader industry.

Hut 8 understands this is just the beginning – we see a bright future partnering with the gaming industry, especially as Web 3.0 and blockchain technology continues to evolve.

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