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Hot Five: Everdale, Everdale, Everdale...

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Hot Five: Everdale, Everdale, Everdale...

To help you keep on top of a busy news cycle and the latest hot topics in mobile gaming, each week we round up the five most-read stories on

This was the news cycle for the week starting August 23rd, 2021.

Read on and digest...


5. Everdale - Supercell's takes on The Sims meets Animal Crossing

We talk to Supercell game lead Lasse Seppanen, art producer Ken Taya and game designer Stefan Engblom about Everdale, the social builder that's just been released into beta. 


4. Devs gain more flexibility to highlight non-App Store payment methods

 There's one less brick in the walled garden as in a very un-Apple move, Apple has decided to give ground in terms of allowing developers to contact users about paying for services for app and games external to using the App Store. 

Another six times and apparently the walls will fall down. 


3. Pre-registration for Garena's graphically enhanced Free Fire MAX opens 29 August

 Battle Royale game Free Fire was the most downloaded game of 2019 and 2020 but it seems that largesse in terms of supporting entry level Android devices needs a fix.

Enter Fire Free MAX, a standalone Android release which allows users with high end devices to log into their existing accounts, play with everyone else in the Free Fire community but get enhance graphics and exclusive features. 

Yes, it's going to be huge too. 


2. Everdale was initially soft-launched as Valleys & Villages through a fake company

Who would have thought that those nice people at Supercell would have been so sneaky as to set up an entirely new company - Osmium Interactive - and then release Everdale as Valleys & Villages to avoid all that nasty press attention?


1. Supercell reveals new co-op builder Everdale, launches beta

Have you heard yet? Supercell has released a new game and it's not about attacking other people's bases. 

It's lovely and peaceful.

Already people are complaining


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