Our most active Runeblade players are clocking 100 sessions daily, says Apple Watch dev

Aki Jarvilehto is amazed

Our most active Runeblade players are clocking 100 sessions daily, says Apple Watch dev

It's been two months since the Apple Watch was released.

Overall, it's fair to say there's been a muted consumer reaction, which given the pre-order system and supply restrictions, isn't surprisingly.

Add developer complaints about discovery, and technical restrictions in terms of how code and functionality is shared between a watch and an iPhone, it's clearly been the most difficult launch of an Apple product in recent memory.

It's something discussed in our most recent Wearable Mavens debate.

Most believe that, over time, smartwatches still have the potential to add something to the mobile ecosystem, but one comment really stood out.

Driving engagement

Aki Jarvilehto of Finnish wearable device game developer Everywear provided some figures about its debut game, the Apple Watch launch title Runeblade.

"Our most active players are clocking more than 100 sessions per day," he says.

"Let that sink in and do the math on how many times that is for each waking hour. I don't think that would be possible on any other gaming device out there?

He argue this play behaviour could only be achieved with a smartwatch, because they are the most accessible and convenient gaming platforms.

"Now it's up to us as developers to figure out where to go from here," he adds.

"From our perspective this is a beginning of an exciting journey..."

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