Exploring the potential of InGamePlay brand ads

AdInMo and Impact Unified discuss the value of in-game ads and the growing potential for developers, publishers and players

Exploring the potential of InGamePlay brand ads

At PocketGamer Connects Digital #6 in April 2021, we explored the potential of InGamePlay brand ads, as part of the Growth Track.

Welcoming Impact Unified co-founder and chief scientific officer Hannes Hultgren and AdInMo chief technology officer Chris Wright to the relaxed fireside chat, the pair drilled down into the opportunities being created through ads offered in-game.

While in-game advertising may have existed for years now on other channels, it’s only relatively recently that the format has become viable for a mass-market mobile audience.

The format offers an additional, incremental experience for players, which is non-invasive and does not require them to leave the game. For several game genres, such as sports, in-game ads can even increase the levels of immersion and authenticity for players, keeping them more engaged and generating greater revenue.

Ongoing evolution

Wright offered insight into the evolution of the technology and how it can be implemented within games - beyond the ‘billboard’ format. Meanwhile, Hultgren outlined the value of finding creative ways to incorporate in-game ads, along with the simplicity of implementing the ads within a game.

While ‘real world’ games are an obvious candidate for the inclusion of in-game ads, AdInMo is actively exploring opportunities within other genres, to open up opportunities for a wider range of developers to hit new audiences. Wright highlighted puzzle games as a great genre, given the often static environments and the opportunities to brand cards, tokens, counters, blocks, etcetera. in a non-intrusive way.

Context is everything

Context is everything, the speakers noted. In-game ads can be used very obviously in the foreground, or on key in-game objects, or can be far more subtly used in the background. Finding the most appropriate way to implement ads within games is a key part of creating a successful campaign, as is the choice of ads for inclusion.

Advertisers, exchanges and agencies are now starting to see the value of in-game ads as a premium platform for content, commented Wright. They are recognising the ability of games to reach hard-to-target audiences. It’s still early days for the format, but interest is growing and there’s a willingness to explore new formats.


The speakers also discussed the content of ads and the control developers have over the types of adverts shown within their games. Wright highlighted new work from AdInMo, which will provide developers with the ability to specify the types of ad content they wish to see in-game, enabling a far greater focus on the user experience and ethical choices by the developer/publisher.

The future of in-game ads also came under the spotlight, with the creation of non-intrusive video ads and the ability to brand and change entire environments noted as opportunities for games in the near future.

The whole session can be found in the video vault for Pocket Gamer Connects #6 on YouTube. Alternatively, you can watch it in full below.

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