Anime at your fingertips: Crunchyroll on it’s new Game Vault offering

Crunchyroll’s EVP of emerging business Terry Li on the creation of the Crunchyroll Game Vault and their big plans for the future

Anime at your fingertips: Crunchyroll on it’s new Game Vault offering

Anime streaming service Crunchyroll has amassed an extensive catalogue of anime content, with over 1000 titles on offer for fans. In addition to video streaming, Crunchyroll is publishing games to bring some of the most popular anime stories to mobile gamers, such as One Punch Man: World.

Now, to take things one step further, Crunchyroll is now offering a new service for users in its Mega Fan tier, which allows access to a gaming library of anime-based games. The offering is reminiscent of the Netflix model, where you pay for one service and gain access to an entire games library included in the same fee. To learn more about the Game Vault service, we caught up with Crunchyroll’s EVP of emerging business, Terry Li. Can you tell us a little about the Game Vault, which users can access it?

Terry Li: To use a gaming term, Crunchyroll Game Vault is a level-up for our Mega Fan and Ultimate Fan Premium Memberships. This new offering gives unlimited access to a growing library of premium mobile games, curated specifically with anime and anime-inspired entertainment.

Our research shows that over 90% of the Crunchyroll community enjoys gaming.
Terry Li

What was the initial thought process behind creating the Game Vault? Has this been something that’s been in discussion for some time?

Adding games to Crunchyroll Premium Memberships has been a long-term goal, given the overlap between anime and gaming audiences. Our research shows that over 90% of the Crunchyroll community enjoys gaming. However, one of the key aspects we wanted to get right was the titles in our inaugural slate. We spent much time curating a stellar launch lineup covering multiple genres and experiences that speak directly to Crunchyroll’s fan base and beyond.

When we coupled together the great launch lineup, titles we have in the pipeline and Crunchyroll’s continued growth, now seemed like the right time to open the vault.

We are seeing a rise in popularity with subscription services such as Netflix adding games as part of its fee. What benefits do you see this having for Crunchyroll as a whole in the future?

Crunchyroll Game Vault is about giving more value to our Premium Members with added benefits specifically designed with fans in mind.

This is best seen in our curated library, a key factor that differentiates Crunchyroll. For example, River City Girls has great anime and manga-styled cutscenes inter-stitched throughout the fist-hurling romp. Similarly, Captain Velvet Meteor: the JUMP+ Dimensions features fan-favourite characters from SPY x FAMILY, Kaiju No. 8 and more.

Games at Crunchyroll are designed to immerse fans into the world of their favourite series, and these inaugural Crunchyroll Game Vault titles will allow anime fans and the anime-curious to dive right into new adventures.

Fans can expect new titles to be announced and released on a rolling basis.
Terry Li

How regularly do you see new titles added to the Crunchyroll Game Vault?

Our team thoughtfully considered the pacing and decided that loading 20+ titles into our portfolio wasn’t suitable for Crunchyroll, our partners or the games themselves. We want each project to get the spotlight.

Fans can expect new titles to be announced and released on a rolling basis.

Three of the initial five included titles are launching on mobile for the first time! How do you feel about these games getting to capture a new audience?

For more than a decade, Crunchyroll has brought anime content to new audiences around the world. Introducing fans to new anime and anime-inspired adventures is in our DNA. So naturally, the chance to bring new game experiences to Crunchyroll fans and mobile gamers alike is something that excites us.

Additionally, it was a fantastic experience working with partners like WayForward, RawFury, Shueisha Games, Akupara and Afterburn. We all share in the enthusiasm of bringing these incredible titles to new fans!

How do you plan to support the vault in the future, and is there anything else from Crunchyroll we should be on the lookout for?

This is probably the answer you are expecting, but fans can look forward to more great anime-inspired and anime games! Some will be new, some will be improved or simply now free for our Mega and Ultimate Fan Members.

I can also tease that we are hard at work and evaluating 20+ titles with a great team of individuals who understand games and are passionate about serving anime fans.

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