Havok brings its physics and animation tools to NGP

Already being used in launch titles

Havok brings its physics and animation tools to NGP
With GDC 2011 almost upon us, the middleware companies are formally announcing their support for Sony's Next Generation Portable.

So following on from the likes of Trinigy, NaturalMotion and Crytek comes physics and animation outfit Havok.

Owned by Intel, the Irish-headquartered company says its full development suite is now available for the NGP, and is being used in what it calls " a number of key launch titles".

All fired up

"Havok's suite of tools and targeted optimisation for NGP will ensure that developers have best-of-breed production solutions on SCE's exciting new platform," said David Coghlan, Havok's MD.

And as well as its runtime solutions and art pipeline tools, Havok also points to the support it can provide to developers thanks to "the most experienced support team in the middleware industry".

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