Twelve of's top 50 developers use Cocos2d-x

Open source engine powers the best

Twelve of's top 50 developers use Cocos2d-x
During GDC 2013, we released our annual list of the top 50 mobile developers in the world.

Always good for generating debate, the list has also proved useful in other ways.

For example, the team behind the Cocos2d-x cross-platform 2d game engine have worked out that 24 percent of the list are using its technology.

Companies include Disney Mobile, GREE, Konami, Zynga, Wooga, Gamevil and DeNA, with Cocos2d-x powering titles such as Diamond Dash, City of Wonder, Zenonia 5 and Matching with Friends.

Growing base

Still, given that the open source engine has been downloaded more than 300,000 times since its release in 2010, perhaps that's no surprise.

"Cocos2d-x offers powerful tools for large established mobile studios, small developers just getting started, and everyone in between," said Zhe Wang, chief maintainer of the Cocos2d-x engine.

"The fact that Pocket Gamer has recognised so many of our partners as leaders in this ever growing and constantly changing industry demonstrates the engine's success, and we look forward to working with our active community to further improve and refine our technology for mobile developers."

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