Nintendo using Unity game engine to develop Super Mario Run

Nintendo using third-party engine to develop Super Mario Run

Nintendo using Unity game engine to develop Super Mario Run

Nintendo is using the Unity game engine to develop its upcoming mobile game Super Mario Run.

The runner was announced by Shigeru Miyamoto during Apple’s iPhone 7 event on September 7th 2016 and is currently scheduled for a December release date on the Apple App Store.

News that Super Mario Run is powered by Unity was announced during the game engine firm's Unite 2016 conference in LA.

It’s not the first time a game using a famous Nintendo IP has used Unity. The Pokemon Company and Niantic Labs used Unity to develop the hit location-based AR game Pokemon GO.

Running start

Nintendo is expecting big things from its first Mario mobile game Super Mario Run, with the title having already surpassed 20 million pre-registrations.

The app will be free-to-start, with the full game locked behind a paywall that can be accessed via a one-off purchase. The title will not include an in-app purchases.

Super Mario Run is set to release in 150 countries, but Nintendo has yet to make a decision on whether to launch the game in one of the world’s biggest mobile games markets, China.

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