GDC 2019: Cross-platform social app Evasyst offering early access

20 people can stream simultaneously

GDC 2019: Cross-platform social app Evasyst offering early access

Cross-platform social app Evasyst is offering early access ahead of GDC so video game users can connect through the device.

Evasyst allows players to communicate via text, voice or video chat while concurrently playing video games. Participants can search for friends, clans or specific titles through the platform.

After being tested by 70 colleges in a closed beta, Evasyst will be available to download on PC and MacOS in the US from March 18th, with a global launch set to take place later in 2019.

Up to 20 people can stream content simultaneously, with the user able to choose four streams to view at a time.

Incredibly excited

“We’re incredibly excited to finally bring our social app to the world,” said Evasyst co-founder and president Justin Weissberg.

“These days, gamers want more from their online experiences than just playing the game itself. We have already seen current beta testers of our product use our platform for watching sports, games, movies, TV shows, collaboratively work on school and work projects, and hang out online with friends. We can’t wait to see how Evasyst encourages more people and communities to come together.”

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