GDC 2019: Clinc unveils voice AI that is designed to understand natural language in games

GDC 2019: Clinc unveils voice AI that is designed to understand natural language in games

Technology firm Clinc has unveiled an artificial intelligence voice for game studios that can understand natural language.

The in-game assist allows players to converse with their game in “a natural and conversational way” while using natural language without the need for training or specific commands.

Slang, context and never before heard words are understood before delivering an answer in natural spoken language, according to Clinc.

An example given for the AI references playing FIFA and being able to tell your forward to start a quick run to the far post before you cross the ball in.

Learning technologies

“There is no other A.I. solution in the market using the latest in natural language and deep learning technologies to deliver a superior gaming experience,” said Clinc CEO Jason Mars.

“Our technology reduces the complexity of complicated features with a conversational UI that you don’t have to learn how to talk to. Traditional AI systems rely on algorithms that carefully define how the service will work. We built this assistant by co-designing and co-training multiple AI models and engines to learn on its own so that it can answer increasingly complex questions.”

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