MeeWow Games and Supergaming gain access to N3twork’s $50 million Scale Partnership

Lucky Star Solitaire and Tap Empire get supercharged

Date Type Companies involved Size
May 21st, 2020 partnership MeeWow Games
Not disclosed
MeeWow Games and Supergaming gain access to N3twork’s $50 million Scale Partnership

Announced back in April 2020, N3twork has now revealed two new companies it's partnering through its $50 million N3twork Scale Partnership.

They are Tap Empire developer MeeWow Games, and Supergaming, which is best known for its Solitaire games, notably Lucky Star Solitaire.

Both Lucky Star Solitaire and Tap Empire demonstrated the ability to scale their audience and profitability through N3twork's $1 million pilot scheme, which will spend $10,000 on 100 games during 2020, and hence now enter the big league.

Riding the ad rocket

As well as increased UA funding - up to $1.5 million per game - as part of the N3twork Scale Partnership, both developers will gain access to N3twork's suite of tools, technologies and expertise.

"Since NSP announced our $1 million Pilot Program and $50 million Growth Fund, we've seen a lot of interest in NSP and are happy to add MeeWow and Supergaming to our growing list of partners in the first month," said N3twork’s COO Dan Barnes.

"NSP can help games grow quickly at scale, but it still takes a great game to make the magic work, and when we saw how well Tap Empire and Lucky Star Solitaire performed during our Pilot Program, we knew they'd be a great fit."

You can find out more about N3twork's Scale Partnership via the website.

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