Games publisher Leaf teams up with Cypress Hill rapper B Real for musician's first game

Bringing the "Dr Greenthumb brand" to mobile

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July 24th, 2020 partnership Not disclosed
Games publisher Leaf teams up with Cypress Hill rapper B Real for musician's first game

Games publisher Leaf Mobile has partnered with Cypress Hill singer B Real for a new title.

The game will be a first for the music artist – real name Louis Freese – and it will feature both his voice and likeness as well as his songs and the creative influences he had throughout his career. Overall, B Real and his hip hop group Cypress Hill have shifted more than 20 million albums worldwide.

"Throughout my years in the entertainment industry, I have always been open to new and creative ways to connect with the world. Going digital and bringing Dr Greenthumb brand to the cyber universe gives us a new platform with infinite possibilities to build on, and I am excited to take the journey," said B Real.

Welcome to the family

"We are tremendously excited to welcome B Real, Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award-nominated rapper, businessman, cannabis advocate, and social media star to the LEAF Mobile family. His career and impact on counter-culture is legendary as he continues to be a leading voice through his social media and digital platforms," said Leaf Mobile CEO Darcy Taylor.

"We are extremely excited to show B Real's fans and followers our mobile game. This partnership significantly expands LEAF's audience and places LEAF Mobile in a position to build on the significant growth we have experienced thus far in 2020. We look forward to a long successful partnership."

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