Vungle adapts to post-IDFA era with acquisition of automated UA platform AlgoLift

Taking a probabilistic approach

Date Type Companies involved Size
October 13th, 2020 acquisition AlgoLift
Not disclosed
Vungle adapts to post-IDFA era with acquisition of automated UA platform AlgoLift

San Francisco-based mobile ad network and monetisation platform Vungle has acquired machine learning-based UA platform AlgoLift.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

AlgoLift co-founders Andre Tutundjian and Dmitry Yudovsky will join Vungle, and AlgoLift will continue to work out of its LA office.

Vungle expects AlgoLift’s optimisation technology will enable its customers to maximise key metrics such as LifeTime Value and Return on Ad Spend.

A post-IDFA world

In addition, the company’s probabilistic and anonymous approach to campaign attribution will give Vungle more privacy-friendly tools to handle the new mobile ad ecosystem in the light of Apple’s changes to IDFA in iOS 14 which will be enforced in early 2021.

Companies ranging from Jam City and Take-Two already used AlgoLift.

“Our mission is to be the trusted guide for growth and engagement for our developers,” said Vungle COO, Jeremy Bondy.

“AlgoLift’s proprietary recommendation technology and exceptional team, accelerates our transformation, extending the breadth and reach of our platform. As a result, our developers can expect an entirely new level of scale and performance.”

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