Apple to hold "one more thing" event on November 10th

Rumoured to feature Apple Silicon Macs

Apple to hold "one more thing" event on November 10th

Apple will host another event next week on November 10th.

As reported by Reuters, the online event has been dubbed "one more thing" and is likely to feature the new Mac model.

Furthermore, should the new hardware be announced, they will be the first Apple Silicon Macs, which would be the first not to be supported by Intel Corp.

The technology company has been responsible for Apple's processors, for Mac and Macbooks, since 2006.

However, industry analysts have claimed that Apple could announce more than just the Apple Silicon Macs. It is believed that the tech giant has been working on headphones and tracking tags.

Up to date

Last month, Apple finally unveiled the heavily anticipated iPhone 12. The new iOS device has a variety of models, the standard iPhone 12, Pro, Pro Max and a smaller version of the smartphone.

Moreover, the new tech will support 5G. However, the efficiency of the network will come down to individual service providers.

Furthermore, only the US models have the ability to connect to millimetre wave, the fastest form of 5G.

In September, the company held its first fall event, which revealed Apple's intention to roll all of its subscription services into one, known as Apple One.

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