Facebook Gaming creators made over $50m in platform currency in 2020

Over 2000 creators on FB Gaming are making over $1000 a month

Facebook Gaming creators made over $50m in platform currency in 2020

Facebook Gaming has unveiled that creators on the platform earned over $50m in Stars in 2020.

Stars are FB Gaming's equivalent to platform currency, which can be purchased with real money by users and spent on supporting streamers, similar to Bits on Twitch.

To celebrate the milestone, Facebook Gaming is offering a seasonal discount on Stars, as well as the chance to earn a unique badge for sending them during the promotion.

FB Gaming also revealed that over 2000 creators are earning at least $1000 a month from Stars, ads and user subscriptions.

The platform has also announced updates to its monetisation features. Star comments will now be highlighted in chat, so creators can easily see who is donating while they're live. The highlight will be more prominent depending on the size of the Star donation. Large star donation messages will also be pinned to the chat window for a short amount of time.

Hanging out

This month, Facebook Gaming added IRL streams to its category section. Titled 'Hanging Out', creators can now use the tag for broadcasts of art, cooking, podcasts, or simply just chatting with their community. It'll roll out to platform partners first, however.

The company also recently launched its Black Gaming Creator Program in order to support and amplify black streamers on the platform. The initiative will see creators rewarded with financial backing and valuable resources. 

Facebook Gaming also levelled up with the addition of cloud-streamed games, enabling players to stream handfuls of titles without the need for downloading.


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